Scientific research becomes abstract art.

at C&G Partners, I worked with Rockefeller University, a world-renowned biomedical research university to update their communication materials to tell their unique story. We were tasked with highlighting the unusual qualities of this remarkable institution—whose numerous accolades include 24 Nobel prizes—through a suite of communication materials that included a Graduate Program Booklet, Scientific Prospectus, Campus Map, Annual Report, and Overview Brochure.


To capture the institution's incredible innovation in bioscience we transformed scientific imagery, from actual University research into line-art which was then abstracted to resemble modern art. Conveying modern, forward-thinking science, this technique has become a signature design element for the University’s communications materials.


The use of high-quality printing techniques and materials such as translucent paper, metallic ink, and subtle foil stamp conveys a sense of understated premium quality.

Design elements such as a fold-out diagram of research areas echo the institution's flat structure that is absent of department or hierarchal restrictions.


Engaging hands-on portraits, quotes, and a focus on real scientific discovery are used to tell the story of individual students and faculty at the small, world-class scientific oasis in the heart of New York.