a package can FACILITate proper storage, disposal, and RECYCLING of discharged batteries.

Two classmates and I took on the challenge of redesigning packaging for Duracell batteries. The final solution facilitates opening and closing as well as resealing the package. It helps keep the product organized over time, features a new battery label that will prevent rolling off of surfaces as well as help to pull it out of a device. 

Most importantly, our design addresses the confusion of how to dispose of batteries properly. Our target audience’s main concern was disposal of the battery and its effect on the environment. Our proposed solution allows the consumer to keep all used batteries inside the package. An indicator alerts that all batteries are used, and the consumer can seal the package with prepaid postage to return it to Duracell for proper recycling. This creates a closed loop system the user to safely and properly dispose of batteries without leaching heavy metal deposits into landfills.