revitalizing child vaccination records. focus on durability and ADAPTABILITY. 

As an entry for a design contest through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a team of eight members including myself set out to improve the design of children’s medical records. Medical records are extremely important during the beginning years of a child’s growth, especially in developing countries. They are used to track all health information and vaccination records. However, current medical records are often confusing for the doctor to interpret and contribute to, easily lost or damaged, and do not keep the vital information safe and accessible. 

Our design is a durable booklet that can be worn by the mother or child. The hand print of each child is stamped on the cover when they are born, adding value for the family as an incentive to keep it safe. Inside, the doctor can easily track the child’s doctor visits, record any notes related to the health, and track which vaccines have been given. The booklet provides blank vaccine pages for flexibility of new vaccines. The booklet also links to a digital system the doctor can use to input each vaccine. The back of the booklet features a pocket where any additional information for new parents can be provided.

My focus in the project was conceptualization, page layout design, and final prototype creation.